Visit us in order to get a first-hand experience of our friendly atmosphere, in a hospitable and elegant space, and rent or buy your  wedding dress and make sure that your dream will become our common goal.

Your bright day – Our care

This motto was inspired by our love for wedding dresses and fashion.

In 2012 a dream of our own began to develope, with many advantages in our quivers.
Our experience in the wedding sector, elegance, need to transmit our knowledge, creativity, love for fashion and wedding dresses, imagination and know-how in fulfilling every woman’s dream for the most beautiful, bright and unique day of her life.

It is a blessing to practice the profession that you love

Bridal Art is not just another wedding dress shop in an outlying market.
It is a wedding dress store with high standards and goals.
A wedding dress store with a strong wardrobe in order to serve every taste and female body type.
Each year we enrich our wardrobe with new wedding dresses in order for them to always be up to date and renewed.
The strong collaborations with grand and reliable wedding dresses houses from abroad, that use excellent quality fabrics which are in line with the new trends of the industry, is a great challenge and commitment to us.

If everyone moves forward in synch, then success comes by itself.

Teamwork, ethos and professionalism brought you close to us and we built together a relation of trust, mutual respect and good collaboration.
In this way we keep on working up today, and through this way we commit to keep proceeding into the future.
Our goal is to enlarge this “family” by bringing each year close to us new and satisfied brides.